Meet our Staff

The members of our Administration Team are fully immersed in the life of our school, looking

 after our students. We are experts in our field with over 20 years of administration 

experience. Not only do we enjoy getting to know students, but we are also talented 

teachers with impressive credentials and have taught at the highest levels. We look forward

 to meeting you!

Prof. Charles Ibingira

Resident Director

With a wealth of experience in administration, Charles brings to the team exceptional leadership and provides an outstanding leadership to the school managerial team.

We believe that CRESTED SS as a school will serve as an excellent Educational pathway and journey towards your chosen future tertiary studies. We’ve aimed to vividly illustrate the richness of daily life experienced by students at CRESTED SS.

At CRESTED SS, we believe that each and every student needs to be given opportunities outside of the classroom in which they give of their best, whether it be serving in the community, leading a committee, acting on stage, playing an instrument amongst many other opportunities. In the process personal growth takes place. Our website reflects these wonderful opportunities.

Lydia Kabandize


Education finds itself going through significant change at this time in history and the learning environment has been greatly transformed; and it will continue to be further transformed over the next decade. It is imperative that CSS determines its own destiny by directing this change rather than following others. We have a vision and the capability to be a leading multi-modal educational hub a place where every Student is engaged and has a space to discover his/her innate talent and to develop it, so that ultimately he/she can lead a life of significance. In this pursuit we encourage and value the support of all our partners from the staff and students driving the vision and upholding our values; to support from parents and the Governing Body; to the invested interest of The CSS Foundation and to the Old Students for their backing and support, be it by word of mouth or ultimately by entrusting their sons to us.


Ezra Turyahikayo

Vice Principal

Education ……………

Peter Wabusigo



Stella Tumusabe

D/Principal Walfare


Swaib Ssewankambo

D.O.S – Upper

Calveri Turyahebwa

D.O.S – Lower

With a wealth of experien

Deo Ssentumbwe

Station Director

With a wealth of experien